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Oklahoma Nursing Homes: An AARP Survey of Oklahomans Age 50+

Like many other states, Oklahoma - in which 22,640 age 65+ persons reside in 379 nursing homes - is facing major long-term care challenges as its population ages.

Of 800 age 50+ Oklahomans surveyed by telephone, most...

  • rate working to improve the quality of nursing homes as a top (55%) or high (34%) priority for Oklahoma
  • support strengthening the enforcement of quality standards (82% strongly and 13% somewhat) in nursing homes
  • believe the proper amount of hands-on care in nursing homes is important (90% very and 9% somewhat) to the quality of care of nursing home residents
  • support (81% strongly and 12% somewhat) increasing staffing levels in nursing homes to ensure the proper amount of hands-on care for nursing home residents
  • think it is very important for the state to monitor how nursing homes spend the public funds they receive to ensure that the proper amounts are being spent on resident care
  • support (80% strongly and 13% somewhat) maintaining the right of residents or their families to take nursing homes to court for mistreating, abusing, neglecting or injuring residents
  • say they would be more likely to vote for a candidate for state office who supports legislation to improve the quality of nursing home care and protect residents' rights
  • oppose changing current requirements so that nursing homes would no longer have to report cases of abuse and neglect immediately (93%) or report the results of investigations of abuse and neglect within five working days (95%)

Surveying was conducted between April 11 and 22, 2003, by Woelfel Research, Inc. Joanne Binette of AARP Knowledge Management analyzed the data and wrote the report and may be contacted at 202/434-6303 for further information. (21 pages)

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