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Document your home before and after the storm

Filing for insurance claims is complicated, and insurers usually want proof of the damage you sustained.  But how can you document the condition of your property before the storm occurred? 

One good way is to take photographs, especially using a video camera.  These images can be a big help if you sustain serious damage and make an insurance claim.

Joanne Merritt, of Pine Island, uses disposable video cameras (about $30 at national chain stores), to give a detailed tour of her home before a storm.  Cheap and easily stored on a DVD, these videos provide a lot of detail.  If you don’t have a video camera, use a disposable still camera.  Keep another one handy to document any damage after the storm.

Keep all photographs, video and other important records and documents, in a secure location.  A safe, portable firebox or a bank safe deposit box will do the trick.

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