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Living Room and Bedroom Safety Checklist for Aging in Place Skip to content

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Make the Rooms You Spend Your Days and Nights in Safe

Look around your home and answer these questions

En español | Answer the following questions about your living areas and bedroom. If you find problems, these solutions can help.

1. Are all passageways clear and well lit?

If the answer is no: Rearrange the furniture to allow for clear, wide passageways.

2. Are electrical or telephone cords exposed along pathways?

If the answer is yes: Place all cords along a wall where they can’t cause tripping, and remove cords from beneath furniture or carpeting to prevent fraying and possible fire.

3. Are floor mats, throw rugs and carpets secured to the floor?

If the answer is no: Use double-sided tape or carpet mesh to secure all rugs. Better yet, remove all scatter and throw rugs.

4. Is there ample light in all areas?

If the answer is no: Use natural light to the fullest by opening curtains, blinds and shades during daylight hours. Use compact flourescent or highest wattage lightbulb allowed for your lamps and fixtures.

5. Are light switches easy to use?

If the answer is no: Install a touch control lamp or clapper device that turns things on and off.

6. Are there smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of your home?

If the answer is no: Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on every floor.

7. Are there smoke and carbon monoxide detectors near bedrooms?

If the answer is no: Install some, or make sure the alarms from elsewhere in the home can be heard in every bedroom.

8. Is the telephone easily accessible from your bed?

If the answer is no: Install a telephone jack or cordless phone nearby.

9. Are your closets well lit and easy to use?

If the answer is no: Install a closet light and adjustable rods and shelves in the closet.

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