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3 Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglars 

Summertime is prime time for thieves

House with chain and padlock.

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En español | Crimes such as theft and burglary increase as much as 10 percent in the summer. As AARP’s scam and fraud expert, I was once told by a crook, “People take vacations and their common sense goes with them.” I once drove another convicted thief around town, and she pointed out the homes she would burglarize if she were still in the game. Here are three golden rules to prevent theft.

1. Always make your home appear occupied.

Park cars in the driveway (especially when you’re on vacation), and keep on lights at night, inside and out. Leave muddy work shoes outside the front door as a decoy.

2. Be overzealous when it comes to locking up.

If you’re gardening out back or cooking in the kitchen, lock the front door and close your garage door. Always lock the door from the garage into your house, too.

3. Never keep valuables in your car.

Car doors and trunks aren’t secure, even when locked. In particular, don’t leave behind laptops or personal info; these could be used to steal your identity.

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