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Stay Cool With a Fresh-Fruit Ice Pop

Trendy updates on a simple summer delight

Fruit-flavored Popsicles

Lisa Shin (Food Stylist: Eugene Jho).

Get creative and blend together your favorite fruits and veggies for a tasty frozen treat.

For Your Health

  • Cut back on sweetener by using ripe, in-season fruit.
  • Just freeze your favorite fruit or veggie smoothie.
  • Sweeten with all-fruit preserves — options include strawberry, raspberry and cherry.
  • For creaminess, mix a puree of bananas with coconut milk and/or Greek yogurt.

Smart Pop Tips

  • Before freezing, taste the fruit puree to balance sweetness with tartness. Stir in lemon juice, lime juice or raspberry vinegar if desired.
  • Rainbow pops: Prepare the different-colored layers, such as pureed kiwi, mango and raspberry, at staggered times. 
  • Reusable ice-pop molds, an alternative to wooden sticks, are under $10.

Palate Pleasers

  • Add a shot of booze to the fruit blend — bourbon to peaches, lemon vodka to strawberries or Campari to grapefruit juice.
  • Steep fresh mint, basil or rosemary in sugar syrup before it cools. (To make, pour one-third cup sugar into one-third cup hot water and stir until dissolved.) Discard the herbs. 

Basic Recipe (6 servings)

  • Fruit plus sweetener  
  • 2 cups fruit, pureed 
  • One-half cup juice or sugar syrup, or honey to taste