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Veterans, Military and Their Families


AARP’s Life Reimagined for Veterans

Transition from military to civilian life is difficult.

A recent Prudential study, “Veterans’ Employment Challenges,” found two-thirds of veterans saying they experienced a difficult transition from military to civilian life. One of the greatest challenges veterans report in finding a job is explaining how their military skills translate to the civilian workforce. Nearly all said they believe they have the skills needed to land their ideal job, but a majority of those surveyed expressed concerns about how to translate their skills to a civilian business environment.

AARP’s Life Reimagined can help veterans of all ages.

Following years of research, planning and trial, AARP launched Life Reimagined in May 2013. Its purpose is to provide a personal guidance system to help adults of all ages navigate transitions and live their lives to the fullest. The Life Reimagined experience—developed by AARP and some of the world’s leading experts in life coaching, counseling and guidance—has been designed to offer people an easy-to-use, step-by-step diagnostic tool to help them understand themselves and clarify for themselves what they’re good at.

What makes Life Reimagined special?

Life Reimagined offers both online and offline a series of programs, experiences and resources to help anyone who seeks guidance in finding out “What’s next for me?”—as well as assistance in navigating life’s transitions and the new technologies, and help for anyone who simply wants to explore new opportunities, whether they be related to work, health, pursuing a passion or a relationship.

What tools does Life Reimagined provide?

Life Reimagined is a partner that can be dialed up or back, allowing you to take small steps using resources available online and offline, ultimately helping map out what you are looking to do in your life.

  • Personalized Dashboard: The more one interacts with the service, the more the information and tools are tailored to the individual.
  • Ongoing Engagement: Life Reimagined is your partner, with multiple touch points online and offline—through email or other notifications—to stay in contact and encourage small steps to keep you moving forward in your reimagine process.

Follow your personal handbook.

Thousands of people are using Life Reimagined as their personal handbook for expanding their possibilities and navigating their next steps. The Life Reimagined online experience invites users into this network through an exclusive, customizable roadmap that helps people to understand where they are in their journey to achieve their goals and dreams, and to make decisions in planning their next steps.

Put Life Reimagined to work for work.

One of the biggest areas of opportunity for reimagining one’s life is in a career—so we created Life Reimagined for Work as a major component of our program.

  • Real Connections: Life Reimagined for Work gives inspiration and actionable tools and communities that make new opportunities possible.
  • Education: Turn work experience into undergrad credit, and find free courses on (created with Kaplan).
  • Online Networking: Join the Life Reimagined for Work Group on LinkedIn with over 20,000 members.
  • Offline Networking: Join one of the several Work Reimagined events taking place in communities across the country.

Other Major Components

  • It all starts here—an interactive portal with step-by-step programs to help people better understand what they want out of life and how to achieve it.
  • In-Person Events and Meet-Ups: These offer face-to-face opportunities to meet with experts and to participate in workshops for many Life Reimagined programs.
  • A reference website created with our partner Kaplan, it focuses on simple and accessible ways to continue education—from free seminars and certificate programs to full degrees.
  • Life Reimagined Institute for Innovation (LRI): The foundation for our approach, it brings together the best minds, research and innovation to explore and discover new ways of helping people navigate the many transitions in life.