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Veterans, Military and Their Families

Welcome Veterans, Military and Families

At AARP we value the freedom and rights secured by veterans, the military and their families. Your service and sacrifices will never be forgotten. AARP will continue to advocate for veterans’ issues; we'll provide relevant information and resources to assist you and your loved ones with whatever challenges or opportunities you face.

In The Spotlight

9 Ways Con Artists Target Veterans

Download the AARP Watchdog Alert Handbook, Veterans Edition

Proud to Serve — Again

Some Americans who fought in Vietnam have returned to help the nation and its people

The War We Never Saw

'Remembering Vietnam,' a major exhibition at the National Archives

Your Membership

Today's Hot Deals

Featured Videos

Badass Pilot: How to Buy a Fighter Jet

This former Marine pilot purchased and restored a Harrier jet — and it came perilously close to killing him

Financial Resources

Education Benefits for Veterans — and Their Families

How service members may transfer GI Bill benefits to their dependents

How Veterans Can Get Home Loan Benefits

Learn about home loan and homeownership benefits

Discounts and Benefits

8 Airlines That Offer Military, Veteran Discounts

Lower airfare and free baggage checks are some of the benefits

AARP Veterans and Military Membership Discount

Up to 25% off your membership for all members and spouses of the U.S. Military forces


Caring for Our Heroes

Those providing care for Vietnam Vets need more help

Work and Jobs

Resume Writing Tips for Veterans

Here's how to translate your military skills into a civilian career

Mayor-Elect: ‘I Don’t Think of 93 as Being Old’

Video shows the World War II veteran getting to work

Helpful Resources

Frauds and Scams

Veterans Twice as Likely to Be Scammed

AARP and Postal Service join forces to protect vets from con artists

Watch Out for These Military-Themed Imposter Scams

Stand guard against fraudsters who target veterans, the military and their families

AARP Fraud Watch Network

Information and resources on how to protect yourself and your family from scams and cons

Health and Wellness

VA Considers Conditions Linked to Agent Orange

More Vietnam veterans may become eligible for disability compensation

Measure Gives Veterans More Choice in Medical Care

VA funding bill allows care from private doctors

Salute Our Veterans

AARP honors our veterans. Share your story or thank a veteran by posting a message on social media with the hashtag #aarpsalutesvets or in our online community.

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