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Vine Offers a Mini Visual Experience

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In all the years I’ve known my mom, I had no idea she could play the guitar. I’ve only heard legends of her obsessively playing her guitar and singing with her friends in college. Nowadays, she’s a hardworking woman who focuses on her career and her family at home. She’s so busy that she barely has time to play the guitar. It’s why it’s become a secret for the younger generations.


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Jen Lee Reeves is AARP's social media trainer.

Fast forward to when my mom’s best friend surprised her with a new guitar. It had been a while since she’d played, but it seemed as if she’d never taken a break from the instrument. She picked up the guitar and started playing as if she were back in college.

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Not long ago, you’d have to run around the house to find the video recorder to capture this kind of moment. But I had my phone with me and quickly opened up an application called Vine. It let me record a short, six-second video of my mom’s guitar reunion. It is a moment we will be able to remember forever.

I don’t have to rely on legends to know that my mom loved playing the guitar. I have it there, on Vine, and a copy of the video in my phone for me to look back on to remember. Even better, all of our relatives and friends can see it, too.

I’ve used Vine to catch other moments: my favorite part of Jay-Z’s concert, Fourth of July fireworks, my morning walk on a beach with my closest friends, my nephew opening his first present for his fifth birthday.

Want to catch those moments in life, too? Trying little video applications on your phone is a great way to quickly memorialize a moment without feeling compelled to shoot hours of video. Recording a Vine video is like recording on a video camera (if not easier), and posting is extremely easy.

If you are curious how Vine works, you can visit the AARP TEK social media training page to learn more and download a step-by-step guide on how to join the website.