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Learning How to Develop a Blog 'Voice'

En español | Editor’s Note: AARP TEK stands for technology, education, and knowledge. TEK helps people 50-plus who want plain language and user-friendly information on how to best use personal technology. The free program provides comprehensive online and in-person technology tips, trends, tools and hands-on lessons.

If you read blogs, you will notice most of the popular sites have a “voice.” It’s a tone of writing that attracts you to come back for more. When you set up a blog for yourself, you have the opportunity to develop a voice for your site and your writing.

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Jen Lee Reeves is AARP's social media trainer.

The first step toward developing a voice is reading other blogs to see what you like best. Think about topics along the lines of health and caregiving for family. Many bloggers write about these topics, but with many different voices.

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Check out these three blogs:

Notice how each of the three sites has a very different voice. The Medicare blog is much less personal than Mothering Mother and More. Give some thought to what sort of style suits your subject, your approach and your personality.

You will develop your voice not by reading but by writing. Don’t worry about messing up; that is not even possible. A writing style will emerge as you develop a purpose for your blog and you get comfortable with writing conversationally.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out the TEK social media training page for tips on how to get started with blogging.