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Using Instagram to Share Your Point of View

En español | Editor’s Note: AARP TEK stands for technology, education, and knowledge. TEK helps people 50-plus who want plain language and user-friendly information on how to best use personal technology. The free program provides comprehensive online and in-person technology tips, trends, tools and hands-on lessons.

Ever visited an entirely new city and wanted to take a picture or video of what you saw so you could share it with the world? Now you can, with Instagram.

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Ian Cunningham

Jen Lee Reeves is AARP's social media trainer.

Your Instagram is exactly like the photo album you might have at home, except it’s entirely online. With the pictures that you take, you have the option of uploading them as is, or sprucing them up by adding special color filters to your pictures.

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A filter gives your photo the kick it needs and enhances its quality. Videos on Instagram do that, too. You can add a special filter to your videos (or not) and share it with your network of friends and family. These filters, available on Instagram, encourage your creativity in how you present and share your photos.

One of my favorite uses for Instagram is documenting my 5-year-old nephew as he grows every day. When he’s wearing something silly or just playing around with his toys, you can bet I’ll put a picture up, because he’s too adorable to resist.

Don’t want everyone to see what you’ve shared? It’s all right! You can keep your profile private if need be.

Think this is right up your alley? Then take a look at the Technology Education Knowledge social media training page to learn more and download a step-by-step guide on how to join Instagram.