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2013 AARP Connecticut Telecommunications Survey

AARP Connecticut commissioned this study of Connecticut registered voters age 50 and older on the issue of telecommunications.   Survey results show that nearly all residents age 50+ continue to maintain landline phones in their homes even though the majority are also cell phone owners.  

While three out of five cell phone owners say they are extremely or very satisfied with their cell phone service, the majority of registered voters age 50 and older are unlikely to disconnect their landline service in the next 12 months and use their cell phone for all their telephone needs.  Respondents most often say they intend to keep their landlines because they want the security it offers in case of an emergency, and many intend to keep their landline because cell phone service is not dependable where they live.

As such, nearly two-thirds of respondents agree (44% strongly agree; 19% somewhat agree) that AARP should work with federal and state policymakers to ensure that telecommunications services are affordable, reliable, and accessible to all residents.

These results are based on a survey of 800 Connecticut residents age 50 and older who are registered to vote.  The interviews were conducted between March 20 and March 30, 2013 by landline phone (n=688) and cell phone (n=112).  The data in this report has been weighted to reflect the 50 and older population in Connecticut. For more information, contact Kate Bridges at 202-434-6329.