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Businessman suffering from neck pain at home

Ergonomics More Important Than Ever While Working at Home

Backaches, eyestrain, wrist pain are a danger with too-casual tech habits

High angle view of family using technologies at dining table in room

Five Tips to Improve Your Internet Speed at Home

Try these tricks from the FCC to enhance the performance of your Wi-Fi and router

Woman in front of a laptop taking  notes during a video call with her female doctor

Benefits of Telemedicine for Safety During the Pandemic

No waiting rooms: Expanded Medicare coverage now covers virtual checkups with your doctor

Woman using digital tablet at home

Worried About Lots of Screen Time? Think About Its Quality

Step away regularly, make sure you're engaging with others and educate yourself while you're online

dog leans face on laptop computer screen while woman's hands are on keyboard

Skip a Trip to the Vet During the Coronavirus Outbreak

FDA eases rules on telehealth for animals so your pooch can practice social distancing beyond family

Woman cleaning her smartphone with a wipe

How to Clean Your Phone, Tablet or Any Device Screen

Reduce your risk of coronavirus, flu and other illnesses and keep surfaces shiny with these steps


AARP Explains: Video Calling

Apple's FaceTime

Facebook Messenger



A mature man streams content on a tablet.

How to Stay Connected, Amused While You're Alone

Multiplayer games, social movie streaming, book clubs via app keep you involved in isolation

beautiful sunlit overhead photo of a boat filled harbor on the tropical island of martinique

Become an Armchair Traveler Through Your Computer

Ways to explore the world from the comfort — and safety — of your own home

man in wheelchair sitting at his desk at home working with his cat on his lap

Computer Users Can Help Transcribe Historic Papers

The Library of Congress, National Archives and Smithsonian Institution want your help

Connect With Us

a laptop with security images

‘My Online Privacy For Seniors’

AARP’s book offers steps to protect safety and privacy on your cellphones, computers, smart devices

AARP Perfect scam podcast

‘The Perfect Scam’

AARP’s podcast series takes you into the minds of con artists, shows you how to protect yourself

Video Spotlight

Ransomware Attack Wreaks Havoc Globally

Don't Let a Faceless Internet Villain Take Over Your PC

We'll tell you 5 ways to avoid a ransomware attack, a problem that plagued more than 2,000 last year

three screenshots from social media platform tik tok of trending user old man steve

Social Influencer, 81, Goes Viral With Young Followers

Steve Austin says his fans on the TikTok app make him feel loved and less alone

a phone displaying unknown caller

Do You Love Your Phone But Hate Your Callers?

Try these tips, apps and services to slow down — and maybe even stop — annoying spam robocalls


Social Media & Privacy

Grandad takes photo of his wife and grandchildren

Why Your Kids Get Upset When You Share on Facebook

You've created a permanent record online for grandchildren that's out of their control

illustration of online product review concept showing more robots than real people offering reviews

How to Extract Helpful Info From Online Product Reviews

Look for useful details, but be wary of overall ratings because many of the reviews are fakes

Man looking at laptop

How to Spot Fake Political Ads and Posts on Social Media

Even though our minds are on coronavirus, be wary of disinformation during Election 2020

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