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Americans Having Less Sex

And the 50+ are definitely slacking in the bedroom

Married couples are less frisky

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Americans are having less sex than a decade ago.

Americans are not getting busy — at least in the bedroom — and especially those in their 50s are slacking off.

That’s according to a new study published this week in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, which concludes that Americans are having less sex than they were a decade ago.

From 2010 to 2014, American adults, on average, had sex nine fewer times per year than they did from 2000 to 2004, the researchers found. The decrease in the number of sex acts in a year ranged from barely noticeable among those in their 40s to a dramatic decline of eight fewer sex acts per year for those in their 50s. And married couples are having less sex overall than people who have never been married.

The researchers, led by San Diego State University psychology professor Jean M. Twenge, arrived at their conclusions by analyzing data from the 1989-2014 General Social Survey.

A lack of sex could have health repercussions – especially for older adults. Studies show that sex boasts a wide range of benefits. It can lead to better-quality sleep, a lower risk of prostate cancer for men and a reduction in severe headaches.

They had no clear answers for the decline in amorous activity, though they did suggest possibilities: the increased use of antidepressants, some of which cause sexual dysfunction; an expanding menu of entertainment possibilities; and a general increase in single people.

“Are [people] less happy and thus having less sex, or are they having less sex and therefore less happy? It’s probably some of both,” Twenge told the Washington Post.

Or maybe, as Lili Von Shtupp said in “Blazing Saddles,” we’re just tired.

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