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44 Years at McDonald’s and Still Going Strong

And this 94-year-old, great-grandmother has no plans to retire

Woman, 94, Marks 44 Years of Working at McDonald’s

Courier & Press/Alex Slitz

Kate and Bob Ashby of Evansville greet Loraine Maurer who says she likes the work and loves the customers.

Loraine Maurer has been serving customers at McDonald’s restaurants for 44 years, nearly half her long life, and at age 94 she has no intention of retiring.

She likes the work, and she loves her customers. “That’s why I work, because I love them all,” Maurer told ABC News.

Last week, to celebrate her long service, dozens of those customers stopped by her workplace, a McDonald’s franchise in Evansville, Ind., to say they love her, too.


They say it’s because she provides inspiration along with cheerful service while making constant efforts to get everything just right. In a video published by the Evansville Courier & Press, Maurer said she tells her coworkers, “Don’t serve them anything you wouldn’t eat yourself.”

The mother of four, grandmother of six and great-grandmother of seven eats regularly at the restaurant and says she likes it all. Her favorite dish? The fish sandwich.

Maurer rarely misses a day of work. "I get in here at 5 o'clock when they open,” she told one customer. “I have to get up at 3."

Coworkers and customers offer to pick her up to go to work or drop her off at home after her shifts. “I know what goes on with them. I know some of their children. Some ask me to say a prayer, and I do,” she told People magazine. “I know their lives.”

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