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Girlfriend Conversations

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Let's Talk About: What We Don't Talk About

At a time when people share their lives on social media, there are still a few “delicate” subjects women hesitate to broach. For one, there’s menopause, which can cause a lot of embarrassing symptoms. For another, there’s the sexless marriage, which may be more common than we think. Finally, there are the thoughts we all have during an ob-gyn visit. (What would happen if I sneezed right now?) So let’s get candid. Tell us what you think by joining the conversations below.

About The Girlfriend Community

Welcome to The Girlfriend Community, a place for women ages 40+ to convene, confab, commiserate and to learn more about the ways life is affecting us right now.

We’ll share real stories and key info about our changing health needs, evolving relationships, work and financial goals, and the latest, hottest trends. Just like a Girlfriend, we talk about everything. Nothing is off limits. So come join the conversation, because everybody needs a Girlfriend.