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Health and Long-Term Care: A Survey of Mississippi AARP Members

AARP Member Opinion Research

Most AARP members in Mississippi believe that it is important for the state to restore funding that was cut from health and long-term care services.

As the state seeks ways to raise revenues to pay for health and long-term care services, increasing the cigarette tax is an action that Mississippi members support: of 800 members interviewed in a November 2004 telephone survey, almost four in five favor either a one dollar per pack or a 50 cents per pack increase. Not only are people willing to increase the cigarette tax to pay for health and long-term care, they are as willing to increase it by a dollar as they are to increase it by 50 cents – suggesting the possibility of raising a significant amount of funding for health and long-term care programs in Mississippi.

Mississippi members want to ensure that the low-income elderly and people with disabilities will continue to receive health care coverage in 2005. More than four in five support permanently restoring health care coverage for the low-income elderly and people with disabilities who are currently covered under the PLAD (Poverty-Level Aged and Disabled) category of Medicaid beneficiaries.

Interviews were conducted between November 9 and November 23, 2004 as part of a larger telephone survey of Mississippi AARP members. The report was prepared by Joanne Binette of AARP Knowledge Management who may be contacted at 202-434-6303 for further information. (17 pages)

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