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Filling the Rx: An Analysis of the Perceptions and Attitudes of Medicare Rx Discount Card Holders

Given the complexity and confusion reported in the press about the Medicare Rx discount card program, cardholders surveyed during October 2004 expressed a positive impression of their cards. For this second in a series of AARP surveys about the Medicare Rx discount card, 4,001 age 65+ individuals - 60 percent of whom were AARP members - were surveyed by mail.

The majority of the 510 cardholders participating in the survey appear to have secured their cards by submitting paperwork provided by a pharmacy or card sponsor, thereby avoiding the widely reported problems with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services web site and 800 number.

The survey compares cardholders to non-cardholders. Non-cardholders were less likely to have received information about cards, and were less likely to seek help in making their decision. When non-cardholders sought help regarding the Rx cards, they looked to sources very different (and perhaps less authoritative) than those used by cardholders.

The report was prepared by Jeffrey Love, Ph.D., of AARP Knowledge Management who may be contacted at 202/434-6279. (17 pages)

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