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Share Your Medicare, Social Security Story

Over a half million Iowa residents rely on Medicare and Social Security. Are you one of them? The vast majority of Iowa residents age 50+ say Social Security (86%) and Medicare (87%) are extremely or very important to them, and many are apprehensive about these programs being there for them, their children and their grandchildren.

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Do you agree? Tell us what Medicare and Social Security mean to you and your family online and add your voice to the discussion.

Why now?

Members of the Congressional “Super Committee” are meeting to make recommendations about reducing the deficit. We know there are tough decisions to make, but we believe there are other ways to manage the deficit besides reducing the benefits older Iowans have earned and depend on. Iowans have spent their lives working hard and paying into the system so they can have secure health coverage and retirement income they know they can count on.

Our message to Congress is simple: Don’t make a political deal that cuts Social Security and Medicare benefits.

As we fight to protect these landmark programs, we want to hear from you. You’ve worked hard for your Medicare and Social Security benefits, paying into the system over a lifetime. Please take a minute to share your thoughts about these programs. Why are they important to you? How have they affected your life? We’re listening.

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