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Fight Fraud, Save Medicare Billions

Who pays for health care fraud? We all do.

That’s why AARP has been actively rolling out a national campaign to help crack down on health care fraud. Thieves and scam artists are driving up your insurance premiums and other health care costs. They’re picking your pockets because they think you don’t know enough to fight back. AARP wants members to get the facts and protect yourself against fraud. Find information online including tip sheets about fighting health care fraud.

Medicare fraud is a serious problem, whether it's phony billing schemes, identity theft or predatory telemarketers. By cracking down on fraud and waste, we can protect seniors from abuse and save taxpayers millions of dollars.

The new federal health care law takes steps to fight fraud, eliminate waste and control abuse. The law provides funding to fight fraud, steps up enforcement, improves care coordination and reduces excessive subsidies to private insurance companies.

Even so, it is still important to know how to protect yourself from fraud.

Rely only on trusted sources for information on your coverage. It is important to know the government does not go door-to-door or make phone calls to sell you health insurance.

Protect your personal information. Keep your full name, date of birth, Social Security number, Medicare number and bank account information private. Since your Medicare number is the same as your Social Security number, it would be a good idea to only carry your Medicare card when you know you will need it to get coverage. Or, make a copy to carry with the all but the last 4 digits of your number scratched off. If you are in an accident and need emergency medical care, no hospital will deny you treatment because you don’t have your card with you.

Report Suspicious Activity

We all have a responsibility to fight fraud. If you suspect fraud, contact the Minnesota Senior Medicare Patrol at the Minnesota Senior LinkAge Line at (1-800-333-2433) or Medicare 1-800-MEDICARE (633-4227) so it can be investigated and prosecuted.

Read more from the Minnesota Board on Aging about avoiding health care and Medicare fraud.

Become a Fraud Fighter

AARP Minnesota is recruiting Fraud Fighters to help spread the word about ways Minnesotans can avoid scams and frauds. Volunteers speak about avoiding fraud, help others report fraud, and receive updated scam alerts.

Find out how you can join our fraud fighters team.

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