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A side view of a female surgeon arranging medical tools on table. Healthcare worker is preparing for surgery. She is wearing scrubs in operating room at hospital

Medicare Warns of Coronavirus-Related Scams

Federal officials remind enrollees to guard their Medicare number and other personal information



Medicare Basics

Blocks and parts illustration, Medicare things to know

Understanding Medicare’s Four Basic Parts

A guide to hospital, doctor, Medicare Advantage and prescription drug care

A stethoscope and prescription medication laid on top of dollar bills and coins

AARP Answers: Medicare and the Coronavirus

The latest on free testing, telehealth, elective surgeries and more

Picking Your Plans

Cover the gap

How to Select the Best Medigap Plan For You

Most popular policies won’t be available to some enrollees in 2020

Mature couple talking on the porch of their vacation home

Location, Location, Location: Where You Live Matters

Travel habits should also figure into your decisions

Doctor talking with patient

What's New in Medicare Advantage Plans?

Extra benefits range from transportation to carpet cleaning

Mature woman researching medication on tablet computer.

The Ins and Outs of Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

How to pick the plan that meets your needs

Medicare and Medicaid cards

Combining Medicare and Medicaid Can Save You Money

Becoming a ‘dual eligible’ can help with out-of-pocket expenses

Cost of medicine- blank prescription, pharmacy receipt, pills and money.

Paying for Medicare: What Will Be Your Costs?

Out-of-pocket expenses can add up so shop wisely

Following the Rules

Medicare Card

10 Common Medicare Mistakes

How to avoid financial penalties and picking the wrong plan

What Medicare Won't Cover

What Medicare Doesn’t Cover

Learn what the program will pay for and when you’re on your own

A person getting acupuncture treatment

Medicare to Cover Acupuncture for Back Pain

Federal officials hope this alternative treatment will help curb opioid use

Does Medicare Pay For ...

Video Spotlight

Latest Medicare News

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