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2013 AARP Survey of 45+ Missouri Residents on Medicaid Expansion

 The AARP Missouri State Office commissioned a survey to explore the views of age 45+ residents on expanding the Medicaid program in the state.

Key findings include: 

  • Over seven in ten (72%) Missouri residents age 45+ believe that Medicaid is an important government program, and more than half (53%) believe they or someone they know will need it in the future.
    • 72% say Medicaid is extremely or very important compared to other government programs while 17% say Medicaid is somewhat important, and only 7% say that it is not very or not at all important.
    • 53% say either they or someone they know is extremely or very likely to need Medicaid coverage at some point in the future, and another 21% say this need is somewhat likely.
  • Nearly two thirds (64%) of Missouri residents agree with Governor Nixon‟s support of accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid. Many (58%) Missouri residents age 45+ support expanding Medicaid to cover adults with no children who earn up to $15,000 a year.
    • 58% strongly or somewhat support the expansion of Medicaid in the state so that adults with no children who earn up to about $15,000 a year can have health care coverage.
    • 57% say they would support Medicaid expansion knowing that currently adults with no young children who earn $15,000 a year and do not qualify for Medicaid benefits would qualify for benefits.
  • Nearly seven in ten (68%) 45+ Missouri residents support Medicaid Expansion that would allow currently uninsured residents to have access to preventive and emergency mental health care.
    • 68% support the expansion of Medicaid when informed that the expansion will provide preventative and emergency mental health care for Missouri residents who are uninsured.
    • 52% support expanding Medicaid in Missouri when informed that the expansion would reduce the amount of non-reimbursed money hospitals and other health care providers spend by approximately $385 million over nine years.

The results are based on a telephone survey fielded March 13 to March 16, 2013 of 800 45+ Missouri residents. A total of 800 interviews were completed. The interviews were weighted to reflect the age, and gender proportions of the 45+ population in Missouri. For more information, contact Aisha Bonner at 202-434-3531.

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