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More Covered for Out-of-Pocket Medicare Costs

A recent change to the DC Medicare Savings Program makes 16,000 more District Medicare recipients eligible for this very significant benefit.  There is no longer a limit to the amount of personal savings or assets you can have to qualify.  DC residents who are eligible for Medicare and have monthly incomes under $2,620 (for individuals) or $3,520 (for couples) are eligible.  This expansion makes the DC Medicare Savings Program the most progressive of its kind in the nation in terms of eligibility.

DC residents who qualify under the new rules can dramatically lower their medical costs.  Enrollment in the Medicare Savings Program means you no longer have to pay Medicare premiums, deductibles or co-insurance payments and your prescription drug costs are drastically reduced to less than $6 a month for any medications covered by your Medicare prescription drug plan.  And you can continue to see any doctor who accepts Medicare.  One program participant told AARP that she cut “over $100 each month for the cost of the four prescription drugs I take.  Plus I get an extra $96 every month in my social security check since they stopped taking out the Medicare premium."

According to the George Washington Health Insurance Counseling Project, many participants save even more – an average of $4700 in annual health care costs.

The application process is easy and free.  You can 1) call the George Washington Health Insurance Counseling Project at 202-739-0668, for help answering questions, determining your eligibility, and completing the application; or 2) fill out a 3-page Medicare Savings Program application and send it in to the DC Income Maintenance Administration (645 H St., NE, Washington, DC 20002)  with COPIES of several documents:  1) Proof of DC residency (valid drviers license, voter registration, utility bill, rent receipt); 2) Proof of Income (Social Security statement, Civil Service annuity letter, pay stubs); and 3) your Medicare card.  If you mail an application, please be sure to keep a copy for your records and to send it 'certified mail' so you have proof of submissions.

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