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CDC Initiative to Analyze Local Health Issues, Policies

Newport, Rhode Island, USA

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AARP RI has joined with the city of Newport Recreation Department and the Newport Hospital Education Department to participate in a nationwide Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initiative – “Action Communities for Health, Innovation and Environmental ChangE" (ACHIEVE).

ACHIEVE is a 3-year process that analyzes local health issues, shapes policies and environments, and creates sustainable community-based improvements.

Newport is one of 40 communities around the country this year working to facilitate policy, systems and environmental change strategies focused on chronic disease prevention and health promotion. Newport is the pioneer in this effort within this state and in New England for the 2010 grant round.

Working with nationally developed tools and resources the Newport Team will assess the policy, systems and environmental changes strategies currently in place by completing a Community Health Assessment and Group Evaluation. Once the assessment is completed, it will provide a Newport community snapshot identifying areas where improvements are needed. The Newport task force will use the data to develop an action plan to ensure that the promotion of health and wellness with the community is a lasting and sustainable change. The plan will be presented to the national organization by the fall of 2010.

The assessment will cover the community at large, community organizations, health care, work sites and schools.

Other community groups involved in the process include:

  • Newport School Committee
  • Newport YMCA
  • Newport Housing
  • Kids First
  • T3 Fitness
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Newport Public Services Department

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