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Fat 2 Fit: Lolly: Staying Accountable and Hopeful

Being honest about your weight is crucial to getting rid of those excess pounds. Here's how one woman uses the Fat 2 Fit Community to keep herself on track.

LollyMc reports her progress faithfully in the one of the Fat 2 Fit groups in the Online Community, where members keep each other accountable.

When LollyMc found out the scale in her home bathroom had misled her into thinking she had lost more than she had, she could have been silent. Instead, she spoke up, acknowledged her error, and recommitted. LollyMC wrote:

This post could be called 'good news and bad news.' The good is that I weighed in at the doctor's office, took them a bunch of spring flowers from my yard as a thank-you, and got my first weigh-in. The bad news is that my home scale must need a new battery. I did NOT lose 10 pounds as I reported so cheerily last time.

AHHHHHHHH darn. This is the hardest post I ever wrote, but I need to be honest with myself and everyone here. I'm trying to hold on to the lovely feeling when I saw the 10-pound [loss], even if it was a malfunction.

I CAN DO IT! And I will see the numbers for real. I'm off to the store for a new battery. I'll write my weight down, weigh and measure, exercise, and post here.

P.S. I updated my group tracker.

Lollymc made herself an honest woman with this confession and gave us an example of how we need to tell the truth, however difficult it may be.

Denial is a powerful mechanism that holds us back. Only by telling the truth are we free to move forward and make the needed changes in our lives.

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