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Fat 2 Fit: Pat: Shedding Meds Along With the Pounds

This 59-year-old is one of the many success stories of AARP's Fat 2 Fit Group. Just as she lightened her weight, she lessened her Rx bills.

Seeing a trimmer profile in the mirror once you've lost surplus pounds is a wonderful goal, but so is saving money on medications. Fat 2 Fit participant Pat71 wrote to share her inspirational progress in this department:

I have lost 60 pounds since joining the Fat 2 Fit Challenge on April 13, 2009. I went to my doctor and am dropping two medications: blood pressure medication and one of my diabetic medications! Luckily, my progress has given me the additional willpower to go back to a more careful accounting of my calories.

I used to swim 20 minutes daily, then 25, and now I am up to 30 minutes daily. I have added walking to my schedule. The dog loves it, and I can walk quite a ways—quickly and without all the pain in my back and knees. Swimming was an excellent way for me to take off pounds painlessly and then transition to walking.

I am back on track, hoping to get rid of more medications and pounds. Thanks to you and AARP for this opportunity to share. I appreciate the challenges and the forums.

In Pat71's case, she may find that she can cut expenses further by continuing to reduce the medications she needs to take. As Pat71 trims her body, her wallet gets fatter.

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