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Fat 2 Fit: Diane: Who Knew a 5K Run Could Be Possible—Or This Much Fun?

Here's how one woman joined the Fat 2 Fit Community and was reintroduced to a body she'd 'said good-bye to a long time ago.'

What Diane Byers accomplished during the Fat 2 Fit Challenge far exceeded her expectations. She writes:

This Sunday marks the start of the ninth week of diet and exercise for me and also my first 5K walk/run. I am down 12 pounds in two months. And I was able to run as well as walk a 5K this morning, even running across the finish line!

If you had told me two months ago that my body could do this, I would have laughed long and loud. No way could this 58-year-old woman, who hasn't done daily exercise since maybe PE class in 9th grade, run this race.

It is like I have been reintroduced to a body I said good-bye to a long time ago.

So let me count my blessings:

  • A set of knees that can let me run up a hill
  • A marathon-training daughter who can coach me for free
  • A husband who finds hotels near trail parks
  • A diet that lets me eat cashews
  • A mountain road outside my door, which restores my spirit as it strengthens my body


Thanks for the opportunity to share.

We owe Diane thanks for telling us her story.

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