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Fat 2 Fit: Joseph: 88 Pounds Lost With Fat 2 Fit, For Real

He joined the Fat 2 Fit weight-loss group to boost his long-term weight-loss plan. He never thought he'd come so far so soon.

One of Fat 2 Fit's highest pound droppers, Joseph, also known as jbert20373, recently sent me a message about what it was that prompted him to lose weight:

I could only walk a short distance with a cane before my back would begin to hurt. I could not tie my shoes. Size 4X clothes were tight on me. But I think the biggest reason I began this journey was, I felt as though my son and grandsons needed me to be a help—not a burden.

What's impressive is Joseph's steadfastness and determination after joining the Fat 2 Fit Group in's Online Community. Once tipping the scale at 350 pounds, he now weighs 262 pounds, a loss of 88 pounds. His new goal is 236 pounds, which would be a loss of 10 percent of his current body weight. He is committed to be fit to the finish. He writes:

I'm at 262 pounds and holding for now, but I feel great, eat right, and exercise six days a week, three times a day. I live with my son, and he is very supportive. With a little work, I think I can hit my next short-term goal. I eat an average of 350 calories per meal, three times a day. I check my sugar level two hours after each meal and am having correct readings. I feel as though I'm an expert at this.

Joseph's achievement to date—losing 88 pounds—reaffirms the resilience and responsiveness of the human body, says Carole. It is also proof positive that fitness is within our reach if we remain committed.

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