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Staying Fit


Your Personalized Guide to Fitness

At AARP we know that staying fit is one of the pillars of healthy living, and we want to help guide you on your fitness journey. Click below to find our comprehensive fitness offerings. Enjoy your workout!


Fitness at Your Fingertips

10-Minute Upper Body Strength Workout

Learn new body weight exercises

10-Minute Lower Body Strength Workout

Foundational movement workout

Find Free Classes in AARP's Virtual Community Center

Try a wide range of workshops and events

The Fit & Fun Challenge from Staying Sharp®

An 8-step program to make walking a habit

Senior Planet Virtual Fitness and Wellness Classes

Anyone can take these free online fitness classes!


New Core Series With Denise Austin

10-Minute Retro Cardio

Get your heart pumping while strengthening your core

10-Minute Cardio Core

Help stabilize and strengthen your core

10-Minute Core Balance

Help lower the risk of backaches

10-Minute Standing Pilates

Strengthen all your major muscles

10-Minute Core Yoga

Relax and stretch sore muscles


If You Only Have 10 Minutes to Exercise

Balance and Toning Workout With Denise Austin

Firm muscles and improve balance

Standing Abs and Core Workout With Denise Austin

Strengthens muscles, improves posture

Full-Body Workout with April Hattori and Aiko Sokolowski

Improve balance and cardio and build muscle

Total-Body Workout With Bryant Johnson

All you need are hand weights or water bottles

Zumba Class With Lorraine Ladish

Learn this fun and easy dance routine

Simple Cardio Workout With Jorge Cruise

Guides you through a low-impact cardio workout

Morning Yoga With Expert Rolf Gates

A gentle series of poses to invigorate your morning

Balance-and-Energy Workout With Kathy Smith

All you need is a chair for this easy workout



Beginner HIIT with April Hattori and Aiko Sokolowski

Exercises to improve blood pressure, reduce belly fat



Intro to Nordic Walking With Fitness Expert Kathy Smith

Nordic poles can help you get started walking



All-Day Strength Training With Denise Austin

Firm your muscles with easy strength workouts

Build Upper Body Strength With RBG's Fitness Trainer

Try upper body exercises that anyone can do



Beginner Yoga in Your 50s & 60s

It’s never too late to start your yoga practice

Beginner Yoga in Your 70s

Learn some of the basic poses

Beginner Barre Workout With Fitness Expert Kathy Smith

You can try these basic barre moves at home

Time to Unwind With Yoga Expert Rolf Gates

Ease into bedtime with this soothing routine


More Core

10-Minute Core Strength Exercise With Jorge Cruise

Try this challenging core strength regimen

A Simple Core Workout With Fitness Expert Kathy Smith

Build strength and improve your overall fitness


Balance and Stretch

Stretching and Toning with Denise Austin

Start your day with a morning stretch routine

10-Minute Balance and Stretch Workout

Enjoy a guided combination workout

10-Minute Balance Workout With Bryant Johnson

All you need is a chair for this home workout

Your Workout Should Include the World's Best Stretch

Increase flexibility and reduce stress


Fitness: Tips & Tricks

The #1 Exercise to Do as You Get Older

If you only have time for one, do this one

Foods You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight

These healthy options are light on calories and fat

5 Great Ways to Save On Fitness Plans and Gear

Stay in shape without breaking your budget

Does Medicare Provide Free Gym Memberships?

Medicare Advantage, Medigap may help

Calculate Your Body Mass Index

BMI helps to determine if you're a healthy weight


Your Brain on Exercise – from Staying Sharp®

Add Cardio to Your Day for your Heart, Lungs and Brain

It may benefit your thinking skills and memory

Exercise Helps Support Memory and Learning

Working out makes the brain resilient