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Science shows fitness is important to health. Let’s get going!

En español | Everyone knows that exercise is good for you — as in, very, very, very good for you. Research studies that seem to be released, well, constantly, show how working out does everything from dramatically lowering your risk of heart attack, stroke and dementia to literally adding years to your life. (Harvard researchers recently found that just 15 minutes a day lengthened life spans by about three years.)

So why aren’t we all exercising right now? And why are only one-third of those between the age of 65 and 74 shown to be physically active?

Time can be an issue — though we watch, on average, more than four hours of TV a day. So there’s that. And fitness trainers report finding a couple of hours to work out becomes less of an obstacle when their clients finally elevate their workout to the importance of a work meeting on their calendar.

Beyond that, it helps to have a simple plan to follow — and a workout that you’re actually looking forward to.

That’s where our Get Moving package comes in, offering you these different beginner-friendly workouts — from basic strength training to tai chi and Nordic walking — to help you find your own exercise winner.

In the videos that follow, we think you’ll find a workout you love or tips to help improve an existing fitness regimen. And we know that our pointers on things like building core strength in a few easy-ish steps or finding yoga moves to energize your mornings will be clear and easy to follow. That’s because we went to the following pros who graciously shared with us their expertise and inspiration, along with their clear how-tos.

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