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Overcome Your Fears, Live a More Rewarding Life

Why does the emotion of fear so often control our lives? Leading scientists, psychologists and extreme athletes all define and perceive the emotion differently, yet they all agree it developed to help us adapt to our environment and to survive.

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Man biting knuckle, The Fear Project by Angel Livas (Image Source/Corbis)

Image Source/Corbi

Don't let fear control your life.

Journalist Jaimal Yogis wanted to completely master the fear that he felt ruled his life.

In the process, he plunged into waters infested with great white sharks to surf deadly giant waves, moved to Hawaii with nothing but the clothes on his back, and formed some of the best relationships he's ever known.

Yogis, author of The Fear Project, explains to Mike Cuthbert of Prime Time Radio what his adventures in overcoming fear taught him about life, survival and love. He also tells harrowing stories of close encounters with great whites while surfing, and talks about interesting interviews with the people that study the science of fear.

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