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The Age of Longevity

AARP visits with two ladies in their 80s: Actress Rita Moreno and chef Martha Lou Gadsden

Meet two women, both in their 80s, who won't be defined by their age. After all, what's age but a number?

Inside E Street host Lark McCarthy travels to Berkeley, Calif., for a conversation with multi-award-winning star of stage and screen Rita Moreno. Moreno, 81, delves into her recently published memoir, where she discusses her early life, immigrating from Puerto Rico and the trials and tribulations of a young Latina during the Golden Age of Hollywood. From her Academy Award performance as Anita in West Side Story to her torrid love affair with Marlon Brando, Moreno will shock and inspire you.

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Next stop: Charleston, S.C., to sample what is arguably the best country cooking in America and meet its chef. Martha Lou's Kitchen, owned by 83-year-old Martha Lou Gadsden, has been satisfying the Charleston masses with its down-home cooking for three decades. It's not just the locals who are loading up their plates; Gadsden has achieved serious foodie fame, and her Kitchen has become a top 10 must-do for anyone traveling through South Carolina.

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