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Let the Games Begin

AARP is proud to sponsor the 26th Annual Maine Senior Games, July 21 – Sept. 23.

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The Track and Field event will kick off The Games July 21 at Scarborough High School.

The event begins at 10 am, however, the opening ceremonies are set to start at noon. The Senior Games is a fantastic opportunity for athletes age 50+ to compete in over 11 different sports including bowling, swimming, golf, and new this year, pickleball.

The top three qualifiers in each event will go on to compete in the 2013 National Senior Games to be held in Cleveland, Ohio. Over 90 Maine seniors will compete in Saturday’s Track and Field event. Anyone can enter the competition! While registrations should be submitted a week before an event, they will be taken at the event as well.

You can read more about specific Maine Senior Games, find the schedule of events, and register online. For more information you can also visit the National Senior Games website.

Whether or not you aspire to be a Senior Olympian, physical exercise is essential to keeping your mind and body healthy. Recent research presented by the Alzheimer's Association International Conference suggests that a brisk walk, just 30 minutes each day, can delay mental aging five to seven years!

If you are thinking of starting a fitness routine, it is important to consult your physician first. Setting small attainable goals can greatly improve your chances of reaching long-term goals. AARP’s Fitness Ambassador, tennis great Martina Navratilova, suggests that older adults start with strength training. Rebuilding muscle mass is a great calorie burner and may be easier than beginning with a cardio workout. A word of caution though - start small and move slowly as overexertion can lead to serious injury. Those living with a disability should work with a physical therapist.

If you have a hard time finding motivation to get moving, AARP can help you start a walking group in your area. Entering a charity walk or even the Senior Games can provide the support and accountability you may need to stick with it, and it’s fun. We hope to see you at The Games.