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AARP Colorado Supports 'Singing for Seniors'

On May 15, the Larimer Chorale will launch its new Singing for Seniors program, an outreach effort that will provide an avenue for active and older adults to engage in recreational singing and AARP Colorado is a proud sponsor of the chorale.

A unique aspect of the Chorale's program is that it will be led by a board certified music therapist, Megumi Azekawa, who will select warm-up exercises for the body and voice and musical numbers that are uniquely designed to maximize the benefits of community singing.

"Singing is good for you! Through singing, one may experience increased lung capacity, better posture, and less depression, but the true purpose of this program is to have fun, to socialize, to stay active," Azekawa said.

Through Singing for Seniors, the Chorale will form a city-wide choir, open to all in the community who self-identify as seniors and who want to sing for the joy of it.

The Larimer Chorale will run this program for six months, from May through October, and begin again in spring 2013.

"We have generous support from from AARP to launch this pilot phase," says Wendy White, the chorale's executive director. “When asked why AARP chose to fund this project, Cathy Lasnik, of the AARP Colorado office said, ‘We believe Singing for Seniors is a great project for our members in northern Colorado. We are interested in promoting active and healthy lifestyles and this project just seems like a good fit. We are very interested in studying the outcomes of the first phase of this project.’”

For more information about the program or for help in registering, please contact Wendy White at 970-416-9348 or at You may also check the Larimer Chorale website for more information.