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Letters to the Editor

Health care law

The new health care law requires everyone to purchase health insurance ["If Health Care Reform Unravels," October]. So, while we're at it, why not require Americans to buy American-made cars, stocks in American companies, and so on? The slippery slope is now open for sliding.

Herb Hupfer, Kildeer, Ill.

A civil tongue

Jim Leach's rules of civility ["Civility in a Fractured Society," Opinion] can be difficult to apply to those engaging in false accusations and preposterous hyperbole.

How does one consider respectfully the views of those claiming President Obama is a foreign-born Muslim who hates America? If people have to lie to make their point, they don't have one. As Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."

Michael Steely, Medford, Ore.

CORRECTION: An article on financial seminar scams targeting veterans ["Taking Aim at Old Soldiers," Scam Alert] incorrectly said that, to determine eligibility, "Medicare does look back" at prior transfers of assets. It should have said, "Medicaid does look back."

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