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AARP Missouri YouTube Series on Health Care

AARP Missouri is airing health care reform educational segments on its YouTube channel. The short videos support AARP’s Health Care Reform Implementation (HCRI) Campaign that has two goals:

  • To ensure that the health law is implemented at the federal and state levels to maximize benefits for our members and their families
  • To ensure that our members understand what the health law means for them and how to access support to make the right decision for their circumstances

The YouTube series will cover the following topics under the umbrella of “The Health Care Law”:

  • What it Means For People 65+
  • What It Means For People With Moderate to Low Incomes
  • For People Who Are Uninsured or Buy Their Own Coverage
  • For People With Insurance
  • For People Planning Their Long Term Care Needs
  • Benefits for Everyone
  • For People Who Are on Medicare or Retired – “The Doughnut Hole”
  • For People on Medicare
  • Insurance Covering Young Adults
  • What It Means for Women

The volunteer host for the HCRI video series is James Gilbert of Kansas City. When not hosting AARP You Tube videos, Gilbert is a local voice talent and musician. The staff production team includes Anita K. Parran, associate state director or Public Affairs, who is project manager script writer; R. Diane Hall, associate state director for Community Operations, technical advisor; and JoAnn Rose, program specialist and camera operator.

“We had no idea so much was involved in this process until we jumped in with both feet,” said Parran. “We are having fun – and are learning a lot, but there is so much more to learn.” She added that working with a local video consultant has assisted the team tremendously, especially with the camera, lighting and editing. “The National Office Broadcast team provided us with B-roll that will be incorporated in our videos to make them even more interesting,” Parran added.

In addition to supporting national campaigns and state activities, there are plans to not only recruit more volunteer hosts, but to present lifestyle and daily living subject information. “We want to present topical information that is of real value to our members,” Parran said.

Watch us on the AARP Missouri YouTube channel.

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