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Health Care Law Spurs Scams

Be aware, not confused

En español | Con artists are exploiting confusion over health care reform in a new wave of scams. “The complexities in the new law present greater opportunities for public misunderstanding—and abuse,” says Christina Urias, director of the Arizona Department of Insurance.

In the latest scams, crooks claim you must buy “ObamaCare” health insurance policies or go to jail, offer premium rates good for only a limited time, or promise to help collect—for a fee—the $250 rebate for Medicare Part D recipients who fall into the “doughnut hole” coverage gap.

The truth: “ObamaCare” policies and “limited open-enrollment periods” don’t exist; rebate checks are sent automatically; and the requirement to have health insurance begins in 2014—and even then you can’t be jailed for not having it.

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