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AARP Takes Stand on New Jersey Health Care Bill

AARP strongly supports Senator Joseph Vitale’s recent outcry against Governor Christie’s cuts and freezes on FamilyCare, a program that provides affordable health insurance to low-income working families who cannot afford it on their own. Cutting people’s access to affordable health care, especially in this economy, is cruel and unnecessary.

In addition, this will have unintended consequences. People will not seek preventive medical attention, they will become sicker and they will end up in hospital emergency rooms. Statistics show that the cost of a visit to a physician’s office for a checkup is approximately $100. The cost of a visit to an emergency room is, on average, $1,000. Over time, this unnecessary use of emergency rooms could be crippling.

Hospitals are already suffering financial strain. Cutting FamilyCare will only accelerate the shutdown of New Jersey hospitals. If you want your local hospital emergency room to be open and accessible when you or your loved one has a medical emergency, then join Senator Vitale and AARP’s efforts to put a stop to the proposed cuts to FamilyCare.

Due to record unemployment, many New Jerseyans have lost not only their jobs, but their health care coverage as well. Reducing costs are a priority, but cutting FamilyCare is not the answer. Thousands of New Jersey families depend on FamilyCare and to freeze them out of the program is not acceptable.

You can help! Contact your legislators and urge them to oppose the proposal to cut FamilyCare. The State needs to protect our most vulnerable residents from the financial burden of increased health care costs and preserving access to quality, affordable health care for New Jersey’s families. Go to the State Legislature website to find out more about what’s happening on this vital issue, or go to FamilyCare.

TAKE ACTION: Please call your State Senators and Assembly members and urge them to reverse this FamilyCare budget proposal. Urge them to instead work to protect New Jersey’s most vulnerable citizens!

State Senators Hotline: 1-800-844-2272

State Assembly members Hotline 1-800-260-0130

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