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Tackling More Health Reform Myths

As the health care reform debate intensifies – with Democrats and Republicans battling over how to fix the broken system – rumors, misinformation and outright fear-mongering have taken center stage. Now, the AARP Bulletin shines a spotlight on five myths about health reform to get to the facts.

  • Will the government take over health care so we end up with socialized medicine?
  • Will private insurance be outlawed or wither on the vine?
  • Will the government encourage euthanasia to save costs?
  • Will Medicare be eliminated or gutted to pay for reform?
  • Will the government ration care?

For each myth, the AARP Bulletin reports on where the myth came from, and what the health reform proposals say. 

Click here to read the facts about health care reform.

AARP on Health Care Reform

While AARP has not yet endorsed a health reform package, AARP is fighting to make sure health reform works for everyone, and has urged Congress to take six steps to guarantee that all Americans have the choice of quality health care plans they can afford:

1. Guarantee affordable coverage for Americans ages 50 to 64.

2. Close the Medicare prescription drug coverage gap – “doughnut hole.”

3. Create access to generic versions of costly biologic drugs used to treat cancer and other serious illnesses.

4. Prevent costly hospital readmissions by creating a Medicare follow up care benefit to help people transition home after a hospital stay.

5. Increase federal funding and eligibility for home and community based services through Medicaid so older Americans can remain in their homes and avoid more costly institutional care.

6. Improve programs that help low income Americans in Medicare afford the health care they need.

Make Your Voice Heard

Across Massachusetts, AARP members are volunteering to advocate for health care reform  – reform that controls costs, improves quality and provides all Americans with affordable, quality health care choices.  They are working to educate the community about health reform.  And, they are sharing the views, concerns and experiences of other local AARP members with the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation. 

To get involved in AARP’s Health Action Now campaign in your community, send an e-mail to or call 1-866-448-3621.

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