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Health Care System Equality for Puerto Rico

One of the main goals of the national healthcare reform is the equal access to quality care for all U.S. citizens wherever they happen to reside. This goal cannot be achieved unless and until the 3.9 million U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico are treated equally under all federal health care programs. This is an urgent matter for American citizens that live in the Island in view that Medicaid support in the states approximates $330 for participant per month compared to $20 for participant in Puerto Rico.

The Government of Puerto Rico, in alliance with 23 health professional, academic and private organizations that include AARP sent a document to Congress, urging them to work with President Obama to end current disparities in the treatment of Puerto Rico in the health care system. This will only be attained by bringing Puerto Rico and its residents into full participation in the Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP programs as part of the health care reform.

AARP is advocating at the federal and state level to achieve the parity of federal funds under the Medicaid, Medicare and CHIP programs. This would represent an essential support for the health care system in Puerto Rico, with a direct impact on the health and well being of the American citizens living in the Island.

At AARP, we believe and advocate with the purpose of achieving that:

  • All American citizens receive quality health care services that are accessible to all.
  • All American citizens have access to health care coverage that includes medicines regardless of the social and economical status.
  • The focus on prevention and well being are viewed as a priority for all including the necessary changes to healthier lifestyles.

President Obama has pledged to include Puerto Rico in health care reform to end the inequalities in the treatment of the Island under these aforementioned programs.

Join the Health Parity for Puerto Rico movement and tell Congress that Puerto Rico must be brought into the health care system on an equal basis with every other American jurisdiction. Take action now and send a message Congress to end health care inequalities in the treatment of the over four million American citizens living in Puerto Rico.

To take action now, go to or in Spanish.

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