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2003 Hawaii Health and Fitness: A Survey of AARP Members

AARP Member Opinion Research

The attitudes of AARP members in Hawai'i about physical activity or exercise are explored in this survey, along with their ability to engage in exercise, their exercise behavior, their reasons for exercising, and barriers to starting an exercise routine experienced by them.

Among the major findings:

For people their age to be healthy, 75 percent of the 2,764 survey participants say moderate exercise, such as walking, is very important, and 26 percent say that flexibility, such as yoga and stretching, is very important.

Of those who have been exercising on a regular basis...

  • 74 percent say they exercise outdoors, and 53 percent at home
  • 57 percent say they usually exercise alone
  • 76 percent engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes, and 27 percent for at least one hour

Walking outside or on a track, gardening, working out on cardiovascular machines or weightlifting are the top four types of physical activity Hawai'i members have done on a regular basis for three months or longer.

Of those who say they do not exercise...

  • 56 percent strongly agree that they should exercise more than they do
  • 24 percent agree with the statement that they are not currently exercising because they feel a class or gym membership is too expensive

Non-exercisers strongly agree that they do not exercise because...

  • they either feel tired or lack energy (13 percent)
  • they do not have enough time (12 percent)
  • people who exercise are too health conscious (11 percent)
  • there is no health club (11 percent)
  • they have a lot of family obligations (11 percent)
  • they do not like to exercise alone (9 percent)
  • it's hard to fit exercise into their lives (11 percent)

The mail survey was conducted between April and May 2003, and the report prepared by Jennifer H. Sauer of AARP Knowledge Management who may be contacted at 202-434-6207 for further information. (35 pages)

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