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My 'First' Calendar and 'Little Proofs'

Celebrate your weight-loss successes as proof that you're on the right track and that you should continue on the journey.

I have a "first" calendar. No, it isn't the first calendar I ever owned. Rather, it is a calendar on my desk on which I write the down the very first time I experience a new activity in my life.

For example, I noted the first time I wrote a blog entry. When one of my articles appeared for the first time in a newspaper thousands of miles away, I was excited beyond words and entered the date on my calendar.

I wrote down the date my book, From Fat to Fit (Hound Press, 2007), was published. A recent first was going back to Washington, D.C., to work with AARP to create the Fat to Fit Community Challenge.

In the course of working on fitness, like everyone who tackles a daunting project, I sometimes get discouraged. At times, I wonder if my efforts were wasted. What difference can one person make?

When I was in Washington, D.C., I attended a church service late one Sunday afternoon. The pastor gave a sermon on what it takes to achieve success in an important project.

"It begins," he said, "with vision. Then you must have patience. Last, to keep yourself inspired, look for little proofs."

In that instant, I realized that my "first" calendar is my bookkeeping system for recording the little proofs that I am on the right track, and that I should continue on the journey.

As I travel and write down these firsts, I am impressed at how many there are and how quickly they are coming. I fully expect that at the end of my life, I'm going to slide in broadside and loudly proclaim, "Wow! What a ride!"

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