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Physical Checkup Among Hispanics Age 45+

An AARP VIVA poll of Hispanics age 45 and older found that nearly a third did not have a routine physical in the past year, for which most often the reason was that it was too expensive or because they lacked health insurance. More than a third of those who had a physical in the past year discovered a medical condition that required attention--most often diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Key findings include:

  • The percentage who have had a checkup is lower for:
    • those under age 65 years old (67%), compared to those aged 65 and older (79%);
    • those whose spoken language is Spanish (67%), compared to those who speak English (73%) or who are bilingual (83%);
    • those classified as low acculturated (59%), compared to partly acculturated (78%) and high acculturated (75%);
    • those who reside in the South (68%) and West (64%), compared to those in the Northeast/Midwest (90%).
  • Of the respondents who have had a checkup, more than a third (36%) reported that the result was that they have one or more medical conditions that require attention.
  • Not surprising, half (51%) of those age 65 and older have at least one medical problem, compared to just over a quarter (28%) of those ages 45 to 65.

GfK conducted a telephone survey of Hispanics age 45 and older between May 12-17, 2010, with a total of 500 interviews completed. For further information, please contct the author, Helen W. Brown, at (202) 434-6172. (17 pages)

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