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Fighting for a Mixed Martial Arts Record

70-year-old sets an example for older people to stay active

Don't mess with John Williams. The 70-year-old Canadian martial arts expert became the oldest person to fight a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) bout, which contains elements of martial arts, boxing and wrestling.

Weighing in at 207 pounds, Williams defeated Larry Brubaker, 49, a 257-pound onetime pro wrestler. "I just wanted to set an example for old people and tell them to get off their a---s," declares Williams.

The Moncton, New Brunswick, resident, who's a clinical hypnotist, started boxing at age 7. He fought Brubaker at a Moncton casino in front of roughly 1,600 people and received $150 for his triumph. Next, Williams wants to do battle with a 20-year-old. "It's not just a fight," he allows. "It's a statement about life and about living."

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Blair S. Walker frequently writes for the Bulletin's In the News section.