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2009 Summer National Senior Games

Athletes provide a new definition for active seniors

Senior Games Slideshow: Day 10 and Day 11
Running, track and field, volleyball, softball, tennis and basketball all take center stage on days 10 and 11 at the 2009 Summer National Senior Games.

Closing Stats: Senior Games by the Numbers
Nearly 10,000 athletes wrap up the Senior Games, with one world record, numerous national records and gold medals galore.

2009 Senior Games Results  |  AARP Senior Sports Forum

Daily Fitness Tip

I’m a strong advocate of staying active, no matter what you do. Just set a goal, have fun, and accept the results.
Diane Johnson, 65, Lacy, Wash.
Event: Race walk

Complete list of Fitness Tips from the Senior Games

More From the 2009 Senior Games

Racewalkers Run Into Problems
How did most popular fitness activity among seniors morph into the most controversial sport in the 2009 Senior Games? Thirty-six athletes were disqualified. That’s nearly 30 percent of the total field. Why were they flagged?

Senior Games’ Identity Crisis
The gun went off, and a group of over-50 women in a middle-distance race run around the track at the Senior Games. The four lead runners are smooth, strong and steady—older athletes who are clearly well trained and competition-ready. A few others fall behind.

The World’s a Stage at the Athlete Village
At the Senior Games’ Athlete Village, athletes and their families eat, drink and kill time between events. From Mediterranean wraps to massage chairs to science experiments, there’s plenty to do in the carnival atmosphere.

Reporter’s Notebook: Photographers Find Senior Games Revealing
What he’s seen through the lens of his Canon camera in the past 10 days has shown Clayton Addison that there is life after 70.

Reporter’s Notebook: A Dancer Pole Vaults
Kay Glynn has earned gold medals in pole vaulting, long jump and high jump at the games. Now, the star athlete, who practices her sports in the fields behind her farmhouse, is entering other events here just for the sheer fun of it.

Goals and Grit Keep a Masters Runner Going
A New York runner offers a first-person look at the trials and triumphs of a 10K race at the Senior Games.

Reporter’s Notebook: Second Wind
Older athletes show what the human body can do as it ages.

Reporter’s Notebook: Swimmer Daniela Barnea
No matter how many other aging athletes have followed a path to success, few are likely to do it as dramatically as Daniela Barnea, a 65-year-old swimmer from Palo Alto.

California, Here They Come
Thousands of older Americans have gathered in Palo Alto for the Summer National Senior Games.

The (Solar) Torch Is Passed to an Older Generation
On Saturday night when the solar-powered torch arrives, a 12-foot-high mirrored cauldron (also solar powered) will light up to open the games.

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