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Months 5 and 6: Make Health a Habit

One great way to take control of your health is to clearly define what you want out of life

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Month 5:
One of the best ways to take control of your health is to define clearly what you want out of life.

Ask Yourself:
Do you have any untapped passions? What are they? What’s holding you back?

Take the Amoeba Test:
Draw a box with an amoeba in it. The box is your job, and the amoeba is you. How much of your amoeba lies outside the box? Do you have interests outside work? What are they?

Month 6: Put It Together
Congratulations! You’ve made it through five months of the plan; now it’s time to see how well you’ve done.

Retake the health numbers tests from Month 2. (Ask your doctor to retest your HDL/LDL, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels). If you’ve adhered to this plan, your numbers should have improved considerably.
6-Month Checklist:

  • Pedometer number (steps per day)
  • Number of pushups
  • Number of sit-ups
  • Balance test: seconds (at least 15) you can balance on each leg
  • Heart/lung test: distance in yards (at least 600) you can walk in 6 minutes

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