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Spring Into Better Health

Staying healthy doesn’t have to be a hassle.  Improve your health, better your life, and have fun with AARP’s resources for healthier living.  From nutritious recipes to games that boost your brain, AARP has something for almost every aspect of your health.  As the winter months wind down, spring into health (and keep your New Year’s resolution alive!).  

Getting in Shape: Exercise and Nutrition

Physical wellness isn’t just about the number on your bathroom scale. It’s about feeling good, living well, and enjoying your life. These tips and tools can help improve your physical fitness and keep you motivated.  

Sharp as a Tack: Improving Brain Function

A strong mind is the best complement to a healthy body.  While getting and staying in shape is important, don’t forget to flex your brain.  Foods packed with antioxidants, positive thinking, and even computer games can start making a difference immediately.  Get started with these key resources:

  • Boost your brain by visiting our brain health site.  Get started now!
  • Relationships matter! Research has shown that people who are socially active stay healthier, mentally and physically, longer.
  • Eating well not only keeps you physically fit, but can also improve brain function.  Use this guide to fuel your brain today!

Be Wise: Manage your Meds Today

In addition to exercising your mind and body, you’ll also want to exercise your role as a good medication manager.  Becoming your own medication manager – in partnership with your health care team – has never been more important.  Learn to manage your medications wisely with these AARP tools: 

Shape up and Stay Healthy Today

The wide array of AARP resources for you and your family makes healthier living a lot easier.  We all know that small steps produce big gains.  Take that first step today!

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