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Checklist for Community Weight-Loss Event

Adapted from "The Fat to Fit Meltdown Manual" (Hound Press, 2008)

The following action items can help you assign tasks, schedule timelines, establish deadlines and monitor progress on a variety of fronts. Although the list suggests sequential actions, many of the tasks will overlap each other.

Before the First Session

  • Select a person to lead the event.
  • Pick a name for the event.
  • Issue a public challenge.
  • Recruit a core team of volunteers to produce the event.
  • Create a vision for the event, establish goals and determine measurements for success.
  • Determine start date, length of program and weekly schedule, including meeting time.
  • Develop a budget and secure funding.
  • Begin a promotional campaign including flyers and posters and seek endorsements.
  • Create a Web site where information can be updated and distributed.
  • Reserve a venue and make arrangements for parking.
  • Solicit prizes and awards.
  • Interview, select and schedule presentations.
  • Plan an opening event and a celebration closing event.

During the Sessions

  • Establish a reporting system.
  • Manage media contacts.
  • Establish a communication network for volunteers.
  • Videotape sessions for release to media.
  • Update the Web site.
  • Arrange for interviews with participants at the request of media.
  • Plan programs including feedback, participants’ experiences and opportunities to add new members.

After the Last Session

  • Acknowledge and thank participants and volunteers.
  • Distribute evaluations.
  • Critique and celebrate results.
  • Write articles for local media related to fitness as part of the follow-up.
  • Encourage continuing participation in fitness programs.
  • Update the Web site and keep it fresh and new.
  • Organize future fitness events.

For a complete list of tasks along with sample forms, job descriptions and detailed procedures, consult "The Fat to Fit Meltdown Manual" (Hound Press, 2008).

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