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Breaking Out of Our Spiritual Jail

Weight loss lightens our spirits, as well as our bodies, in Carole's experience. "FIT" stands for mental health, too, she explains.

When we make changes toward a healthier lifestyle—losing weight and exercising regularly—it is not only our bodies that respond positively (reduced blood pressure, lower cholesterol, greater strength and flexibility), but our spirits also soar. We break out of a kind of spiritual jail. These feelings are the little "proofs" that we are headed in the right direction when we are on the road to becoming FIT.

● F = Free. We are able to fly through life because we are free from the dead weight of remorse. When we feel bad about excess weight or being a slug, our spirits are grounded. When we lose weight and become more fit, we sprout wings and become more creative, energetic, and positive. When we are unencumbered by the guilt of not taking care of our bodies, we no longer feel as if we were swimming in peanut butter.

● I = Inspired.  We are inspired to become our unique selves. We sprout wings as we become more creative, more centered, and more confident of our purposes in life. We become more intuitive and, at the same time, more informed, as we keep up with research on eating and exercise, which confirms our decision to lead healthier lives. We inspire others with our enthusiasm.

● T = Transformed.  It is not uncommon for those of us who have lost weight to be unrecognizable. That is, we have transformed ourselves or reinvented ourselves. We have triumphed over earlier limitations. Our joy is apparent in our walk, talk, and manner. Like an addict who has broken free of a destructive habit, we have escaped spiritual slavery.

Having been blessed with a second chance at fully living, we eagerly share that opportunity with others. Instead of dying with our potential untouched, our lives take off in the directions they were always intended to go.

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