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How Is Carole Exercising?

Life is short. Yes, exercise, but find forms of exercise that you enjoy, that make you feel good. Here's how Carole has crafted an exercise routine that lifts her spirits and keeps her loyal.

I begin my day with a 60-minute floor workout in my living room. My home gym consists of an exercise ball, a 6-foot piece of doweling that my husband picked up at a lumber yard, a luggage travel strap, two five-pound weights, and a mat that is actually a small, quilted, washable throw that my stepdaughter gave me as a gift. My home gym cost less than $100.

My personalized routine, which I've developed and revised over time, keeps my back flexible and builds upper-body strength. It also helps me retain my sense of balance, so critical for preventing falls as I age.

I supplement this morning routine with about eight to ten hours of tennis during the week, usually as part of a doubles team.

I also take lessons and go to classes to improve my game. In these classes, I'm surrounded by young people who challenge me to perform at their level!

Playing tennis keeps my legs and arms in good shape. The repeated spurts of running followed by resting are good for the heart. And playing outdoors with my friends is good for my spirits. I feel like a kid when I am running around hitting tennis balls (or trying to).

I love the quiet, meditative nature of my morning routine, and I also enjoy the competitive play with my friends on the tennis courts.

Having fun is important; I am not a highly disciplined person. Finding two ways to exercise that I find thoroughly pleasurable accounts for my consistency. After 50 years of being a slug, I've averaged around two hours of activity a day for the past five years.

Insight from my own transformation leads me to encourage others to find forms of exercise that they love to do, from gardening to dancing to kayaking.

Life is short. I don't want to waste time or effort on grim exercise routines! (Or sitting at this computer.) Must run. See you on the courts!


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