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2002 AARP Idaho Prescription Drug Survey

Idahoans are very responsive to the topic of prescription drugs in general, and to the proposal for a prescription drug assistance program in particular. This random telephone survey of 1,002 Idaho residents age 18 and older gauges their support for increasing the state's current tax rate on cigarettes to help finance such an assistance program. It also explores their experience with prescription drugs, their concern about being able to afford their medications, and the extent of financial burden they feel from the cost of prescription drugs.

Significant proportions of Idahoans strongly support a tax increase on cigarettes to help finance the aforementioned program even if they may not be eligible for it. Over half say they are willing to pay a cigarette tax increase of at least 50 cents, and 39 percent strongly support increasing the current cigarette tax rate by $1 for that purpose.

While most Idahoans report having health coverage for prescription drugs, 43 percent of those who have bought prescription drugs over the past year say they spend more than $50 per month of their own money for those medications.

Interviews for this survey were conducted between September 30 and October 13, 2002 by Southeastern Institute of Research, Inc. The report was prepared by Jennifer H. Sauer of AARP Knowledge Management who may be contacted at 202/434-6207 for more information. (14 pages)

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